The Cloak and Wand Potion Bar:


Cold Potion = Custom Flavored Soda or Italian Soda 

Hot Potion = Custom Flavored Hot Chocolate 

How does it work?

At the Cloak and Wand you are the Potion Master!

We offer 64 different flavors (magical ingredients) to choose from. You can pick from Strawberry and Cotton Candy to Maple Syrup Pancakes and Butter Rum - anything goes!

For cold potions, pick up to three flavors and for the hot potions pick up to one flavor.

No combination is too weird, it's up to your imagination and taste buds.

What Custom Potion did you make?

When our potion makers deliver the potion, you will find a ticket that reveals what kind of potion you made with your flavor combination. 

What are the potions add-ons?

We offer extra add-ons (magic enhancers) to our potions.

From our whipped cream and Fairy Dust (swirling, glittering magical dust) to energy boosts (our boosts contain caffeine), you can pick as many as your want. All add-ons are extra cost.

Are the potions safe for kids?

YES! Our potions do not contain caffeine or alcohol and they are 100% safe for kids.


Do you offer sugar free options?

Yes we do! we have many option for sugar free potions. Make sure to ask our potion makers for the list.

There are just too many options...

Yes there are! If you can't figure out what flavors to pick, we also offer a weekly potion menu with set flavors and spells.

Do you offer Butterbeer?

No! We are not affiliated with the HP brand and we do not sell Butterbeer.

We have our own signature delicious drink called "Wizard Beer". 

Our "Wizard Beer" contains the following magical ingredient: Butterscotch, Vanilla and English Toffee.

It's topped with Griffin Whipped Cream and sparkled with gold Fairy Dust.

Our "Wizard Beer" will also provide you with protection from Dark Magic!